Los Angeles has a predominantly warm weather. The fact that the Pacific Ocean lies in the South and west with the Santa Monica Mountains in the north, temperatures generally remain warm. Los Angeles summers are very dry and fairly hot. In fact it becomes hard for children to spend time outdoors.

Besides Santa Ana winds carry hot and dust from the mountains to the plains. Quite clearly most people who stay in Los Angeles realize the importance of setting up physical structures to combat the heat. What better than shade sails?

Try our turnkey shade sails solutions for your homes, commercial spaces, recreation parks, swimming pools, parking lots, restaurants and school play areas. Create a comfort zone for your children, elders and employees. After all LA faces more than 300 days of warm and dusty climate in a year, so it isn’t possible to keep your children from playing outdoors. Is it?

Our sails are manufactured with special fabrics that block 98 percent of harmful sun radiation. They have tiny pores that allow warm air to pass through and create a cooling effect under the canopy.

Quality shade sails Los Angeles is synonymous with Got Shade Now. Trust us, we have been in the business for 2 decades and understand your pain. Our custom solutions and affordable rates make us one of the best in the area.