Located 30 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, Agoura Hills is where you’ll find the local rich! Famous for the natural spring on the foothills of Ladyface Mountain, Agoura Hills is referred to as “the gateway to Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area.”

Agoura Hills is home to exotic vineyards and wineries, to name a few popular ones Giessinger Winery, Donatoni Winery, Castle Rock Winery, and Rolling Hills Vineyards.

We offer large scale shade sails solutions for vineyards, public parks and schools as well. We can create overlapping or intersecting awnings so they blend seamlessly with the serene vineyard landscape and overlooking mountains.

If you’ve just bought a home in the city, we advise you check out our shade sails solutions. It’ll help to combat the warm and dusty weather. We do temporary awnings for carports, driveways, gardens, backyards, swimming pools, schools and homes.

We use quality tensioned sails with UV inhibitors. Our products range from triangular shades to screen walls, courtyard, trellis and pole pads among other things.

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