Known for its historic bungalows, Spanish and colonial craft Alhambra in the San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles has a typical warm and dusty weather. If you have an outdoor pool or are thinking of creating a different carport, we can help you with our turnkey shade sails solution.

Alhambra has residential areas that have been designated as ‘Historic Neighborhoods’ by the city administration. The region is dotted with condominiums, apartment complexes, mixed residential and commercial areas. This is where we come in. Specialists in contemporary shade sails technology and design, we create ideal awnings that blend perfectly with the ethnic setting of your heritage bungalow.

Buildings located in the main business district, on the intersection between Main & Garfield can really benefit with our turnkey commercial solutions. Our creative engineering ensures that the shade structures blend in with your building and surroundings. We use top grade hardware and high quality tensioned fabric. You can choose from a range of colors and designs.

Our shade sails are just perfect for restaurants that offer outdoor dining or manage a commercial pool. We offer customized shade sails for backyards, and home patios. You can choose from our selection of special awning fabrics and opt for a modern shading solution that compliments your home or commercial space.

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